i say
girls don’t like me
and you say
i am no girl
i am goddess

i say
it’s impossible to dream
i’m too tired
and girls don’t like me

you say
listen to the heave
of my chest
your hand inside
my heart

you pull me under
this water and
i can breathe girl
i can breathe

your hand slides down slick
feel me, you say
bubbles rush to the surface
as i gasp

you grab my hands
pull them down your torso
past the midline
your scales slick and sharp

i split down the middle
you say it is not a wound
my hand slides under your
coruscating skirt

you are wet
but you are not scared
you are writhing

in time we rock
we sink deeper
swimming in desire
forgetting the shore

i say
girls don’t like me
it comes out bubbles
you laugh

your laugh breaks plates
the ground shakes and shifts
your eyes ignite my soul
i am trembling

i open my mouth
place it on your sternum
you slide your fingers
through me

we become one
a snake eating it’s tail
aiyn ken eywah eywah
our desires float us

worlds are born
in our mouths and bodies
spheres float to the surface
and become

we become one
creatrix and created
goddess and monster
rolling in the briny deep

i start to say
girls don’t
but i laugh instead
and you laugh

and we circle down
down the fathomless
worlds of divine monsters
and holy beasts


– billie rain

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